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March for Science

The K-12 Alliance at WestEd stands with our colleagues in endorsing the March for Science.

We support the idea that science serves the common good as a tool of discovery that allows humanity to constantly expand and revise its understanding of the natural world. Our mission to work with all segments of the educational system so that all students can reach high standards of science learning parallels the principles and goals of the March for Science.

We support science education that teaches children to think critically, ask questions, and use evidence-based reasoning to form explanations. We agree that every person, from every background, deserves an education that encourages scientific learning alongside the arts and humanities. We have a longstanding tradition of bringing scientists and science educators together to promote research-based instructional strategies that improve student achievement in knowing and doing science at all grade levels. Thus, we stand by our colleagues in elevating the message that science is a core part of everyone’s life.

We encourage you to take a stand with us in supporting science. Many of our directors, teacher leaders, administrators, and science partners at institutes of higher education will be marching on April 22, 2017. We encourage those of you that do participate to share your involvement and promotion of science and science education. Feel free to wear your bulbies with pride and keep us posted via Twitter, @K12Alliance.